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Club Assembly - AG Rtn. Prakash Kulkarni Visit

 12 December 2019
 Sevasadan EM School, Patwardhan Baug, Erandwane Pune 411004. ( Next to Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital)
 AG Rtn. Prakash Kulkarni
 The third Club Assembly our Rotary club of Pune Tilak Rd was conducted on 12/12/2019 at Sevasadan English Medium School Erandwane, Pune. The Chief Guest was AG Prakash Kulkarni ,a member of RC Pune East . Ann Mrs Kulkarni was also present. Each of the directors presented progress and plans of their avenues before AG as below: 1- Club Admin- Dir PP Sanjay Bapat He introduced each avenue and invited the chairpersons to present thei report of their committee. a) Attendance committee- Chairman Rtn Sanjeev Kulkarni :Theclub average attendance has risen from 55 % to 67 % in the current year as compared to that of last year. They have now planned to appreciate top two Rtn & Anns [Mainly two couples] every Qtr for their highest attendance in the qtr. It was mentioned that good programmes and mouth watering fellowship played a role in this result. b)Fellowship Committee- Chairperson Rtn. Devdatta Hambardikar’s observations: He and his Committee have been giving various types of ,so members are happy . Many Rotarians have been sponsoring the dinner to celebrate their birthdays or other happy occasions! c) Bulletin Committee- Chairperson Ann Sulabha Sidhaye and her committee have published weekly 21 bulletins with contributions in Marathi and English by members and spouses. This includes Anns’ articles about various occupational activities,write-ups about designated months from other clubs and Rotary international, even one in in Hindi. Soon there will be articles in series form in ‘Update’. d) Programme committee- Chairperson Rtn Makarand Kulkarni is enthusiastic and 22 programmes of music, health, travel, areas in social awareness were arranged. The Committee has finalised programmes till mid Feb. which includes 2 joint programmesalso. e) Assimilation committee- Chairperson Hemant Talathi has arranged an overnight trip to Sarkar Eco Village in Feb. Our Club follows various ideas of assimilation like gents fellowship etc. This year we had an international trip to Japan and Korea , there our members celebrated Independence Day at Indian Embassy at Seoul. In our movie club we watched good newly released movies and we had maximum attendance of 53 members last time ! 2- a)Project- Non Medical- Dir PP Bhave Charudatta informed that a) All documentation is complete to get global grant for making happy school at Rajgurunagar . b) Construction of toilet block is completed at Sumati Balvan School and construction of ladies toilet is under consideration at the same school. c) RDEP in various schools are also planned d)Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine as well as Napkin Disposal machine, both were installed at Maharshi Stree Shikshan Sanstha, Wai. e) Our key project of this year is construction on BANDHARA at Wada Shivapur. Rtn Prasad Kumbhojkar informed that 1/3 work has been completed and widening and deepening of canal will be done byl May 2020.Primary budget for construction of well is approved and negotiations are going on for space etc. With help from NAM foundation , our club’s Charitable trust, PMRDA and Finolex, the project is making progress .(See Photo : Through desilting & excavation, the depth of the Community well in Ranje has increased in May 2019 ) 2-b) Project - Medical - Dir Dr MeghaPage A medical camp for students from low income at Awasara School. Blood group of 200 girls was tested and 91 girls were examined. They were introduced to Yogasana too. Blood donation camp was conducted at Institute of Business Management of Rtn Madhura at Wakad, where we collected 40 blood bags. Simultaneously dental check-up was also carried out. Ann Dr Nirmala Sarpotdar completed 51 cataract surgeries up till now in Sarpotdar Eye Hospital ! With the help of Ushakkal Foundation , we saved around rupees 8 to 10 lakhs in this activity!! The committee will arrange a breast cancer detection camp with help of RC South and the treatment will be given at a very economical price. 3-Membership Development- Dir PP Mahendra Shah He announced that this year there is 100% retention of members. He also insisted that every member should invite their friends relatives for good programmes as prospective members. 4- Fund Raising- Dir. Rtn Ujjwal Kothawale We are conducting the Senior Judo State competition in Feb 2020. He appealed for donations for this competition. An exhibition for people above 50 named “Happy After 50” is planned with various stalls of health, Travel, Insurance, Investments, Real Estate for senior citizens etc. The committee is planning to arrange some unique cultural programme or fund raising. 5- Foundation-Dir PP Anant Sardeshmukh. He informed that 1100$ donation has been received this year but added that members can donate further in the remaining rotary year. He appealed to each member to donate 100$ to RI foundation 6- Strategic Planning-Dir PE Sanjeev Karanjkar In their meetings of planning for foundation, the thrust was to increase membership and to make synergy projects. The funds raised during the current year can be used for the projects of the next year. 7- Public Relation- Director Rtn Parag Gadgil The committee gave wide publicity for our Installation ceremony and Projects. He assured the same support for upcoming big projects. 8-IT- Dir Dileep Railkar He has all meetings and projects of our club uploaded on RI web site. He also created our Facebook page where all news regardingRC Pune Tilak rd is displayed and hopes to reach a good ranking ! 9–. Youth- Dir Girish Brahme We will start a new Rotract Club at Abasaheb Garware collegesoon, for development of youth. 10- Treasurer-PE Kalyani Mengale The financial position is sound as fees from all members have been received well in time. Club has paid all RI dues and district dues. 11- Past President- Shrikant Sarpotdar We hope to procure JCB machines for our water project . Some of last year’s projects like the water project at Shivapur are being continued this year.A Vending machine for Sanitary napkins and another for disposal of used napkins were installed in Wai, at Kanyashala. . AG Prakash Kulkarni’s Recommendations and suggestions as below- AG appreciated the work of attendance , fellowship and bulletin Committee. He specially appreciated assimilation committee which is new and most essential concept. For projects AG suggested that Bandhara project should be completed in April -20 ,for that quick and fast action is expected.AG suggested to bring young members, and suggested to apply new ideas for increasing membership. Looking at the strength of the club AG expecting greater contribution towards RI foundation and appealed to all members for giving donations. He expressed appreciation of club members towards giving club dues on time.he said that our ranking on RI website would rise after AG and DG uploaded their observations about the club ! He gave us his best wishes for the future. Ann Anjali and Rtn Ravindra sponsored the dinner after the meeting, to celebrate their golden wedding !.
 Club Assembly